My Services

Hiring a writer shouldn't be so difficult.

My biggest goal as a freelance writer is to make things as easy for you as possible. I know you have other things on your to-do list that writing about your products is taking you away from.

That's why I'm here: I want to make sure the writing you need completed, whether it's a blog post or a white paper, is done as thoroughly as needed to get the point across.

The last thing I'd want to see is that your customers have further questions about your products. That's why most of my blog posts are longer on a regular basis: I want to make sure that all points are covered and all questions are answered.

I'm also happy to look at your FAQ page to create some blog posts that cover the answers to those questions as possible. If you'd allow me, I'd even interview some of the people working on your products to dive even deeper if you're interested in that service as well.

Because of the time it takes me to write out your blog posts, I typically charge $0.15 per word. I am glad to create a customized quote for you that covers the amount of words you'd like per blog post.

I can also create monthly packages if you decide my writing is a good fit for your company. The pricing below is based on blog posts that are 1,000 words in length and a more detailed invoice can be sent upon request.

1 blog post

$150 per 1,000 words

2 blog posts

$300 with 1,000 words each

4 blog posts

$600 with 1,000 words each

8 blog posts

$1,200 with 1,000 words each

Each blog post pricing includes two edits. If you request any edits beyond the two edits included in the pricing listed above, please reach out for a new invoice with the editing pricing included.

I am always interested in learning as much as I can about your product. I will always ask to jump on a call if we've never spoken before so I can ask question about your company's products. I want our blog posts to be as informed as I can make them.

If you have any suggestions on what you want the topic of the blog post to be about, please let me know! I'm always happy for suggestions and discussions between us. I promise I don't bite! (ha ha!)

If you want to discuss your copywriting needs, please use the contact form directly below or email me directly at ( I'll respond within 1 business day!