About Lisa

One of the hardest things I had to do was settle.

I was doing what I thought was best for me and my wellbeing when I took a call center job in 2019. I needed the money to make ends meet while building up a freelance writing business that was floundering at the time. I was told I was doing well in the call center job but I was instead floundering as I put up with people yelling and screaming at me about things I couldn't truly help them with.

I realized very quickly while I was there that I wasn't made to put up with the verbal abuse from people who also threatened to call the news outlets and even the police when I kept telling them repeatedly that I couldn't help them after business hours with things that were out of my control. I was made a supervisor at this call center but I was truly miserable.

I knew I wanted more than what this place could provide for me, considering I was only paid $9 per hour. I knew I wanted control over my schedule that the freelancing provided but I couldn't survive on the pennies I was making before taking the call center position. I ended up leaving my call center job with no prospects for work in August 2020 because I knew I deserved so much more.

I found a new call center position with a company, where I made easily three times what I made at the last call center. However, I knew I still wanted the freedom that freelancing had given me only a year and half before my departure. I decided to re-open my freelancing business as a side hustle until I could make the money I need to leave this new job. I have tried everything from writing for law firms to writing about women's health. However, none of those topics gave me the interest I wanted from the things I was writing about.

I knew I needed to write about something I truly enjoy but I was stuck on what that could be. I was focused more on what could make more money so I could leave my job rather than what I truly enjoy researching and writing about. I knew my ADHD would make things difficult on this front if I didn't focus on what I enjoy doing.

That's when the idea struck in my head - what if I focus on reporting on the mechanics behind the video games so much of us enjoy? I figured that if I could put 800 hours into Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I'd enjoy writing about the technology that goes into it. I want to help people understand just what they're buying into when they're looking at the mechanics behind the games they're playing.

I focus on making the mechanics easy enough for a caveman to understand. I know that if that's what I need, there are others out there in the world who need the same level of explanation. I enjoy it the most when people learn a thing or two about what I'm writing on at any given point.

So, whether it's VR products or graphics cards, what have you, if you need your products explained in layman's terms, look no further! You can reach out to me either by using the contact form directly below or emailing me directly at (lisa@lisafourman.com).